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Virtual Inclusive Dance Project 2020

I'm still absolutely buzzing from this project! To see over 350 children and 30 staff members dancing together each week was truly magical. This project enabled children with a range of disabilities, from 19 different settings to get together each week, learn new choreography, while staying active and having fun. They performed two routines on the last week which focused on Love, friendship and supported the 'Save the Arts' campaign. Well done to all those involved! Look out for more projects in 2021! Here's what they had to say...

'Just to say what a great event! It was amazing to see the impact that dance can have on children and young people and showing through our motto of Everyone Can Dance!

I hope we can join up with our Para Dance Games in 2021 and get more young people and children being active in dance via being social, creative or competitive.

I hope we can use the work done here to engage and inspire other areas to look at being fully inclusive to all of the disability community. '

Patrick Mc Geough CEO Para Dance UK

'Our year 4 pupils at Lingham Primary have thoroughly enjoyed the project which has enabled them to develop their dance ability and coordination in a fun and inclusive way. Being able to engage virtually with other schools and their children during a pandemic has been so rewarding from a social perspective as well as allowing our children to develop respect and understanding of children with disabilities and additional needs. I feel that collaborative projects of a similar nature are extremely valuable and would be delighted for our school to be a part of any future projects'.

Nichola Malone (Lingham Y4 teacher/ PE Lead)

'Mrs Poynton has completed an online, 6 week shadow dance project with the year 6 children at Dawpool Primary. The children thoroughly enjoyed her excellently planned and superbly delivered dance lessons. The routines she created for them were amazing.

We are looking forward to being able to take part in future projects as well as being able to showcase the dances she created alongside the other schools that participated in this project, when the climate enables us to do so. Thank you so much for your hard work. You managed to engage the children which I recognise is an extremely difficult task, especially when it’s done remotely. Your enthusiasm shone through each week and held their attention. Well done. '

Vicki Earp Dawpool School

'The children have addressed many of the curriculum outcomes, and not just for PE/Physical Development. But also Communication, Listening and Understanding. PSHE. And for our learners with ASD, they have worked on their interaction, social communication and flexibility of thought. One of their favourite parts was being able to see children from lots of other schools take part as well, on the zoom screen. We don't have a camera for our Smartboard, but it's been a real unique opportunity to see what other classes are like and feel included in a larger project. It encourages our pupils and boosts their enthusiasm!'

Lisa Littlewood Elleray Park 2020


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